Saturday, 21 July 2018

Making music

Music can be so very seductive. When you have an audience of one it's as if you're communicating in a language understood only by you both.

See who else is hitting the high notes:

Sinful Sunday

#Smutathon2018 - don't miss out!

One of 13 (13!) coveted, genital-pleasing prizes are up for grabs when you buy a £2 Smutathon 2018 raffle ticket (details on how to enter on organiser Coffee & Kink's page here). What is Smutathon? It's a gathering of eight participants who, on Saturday 11 August, will write as much wondrous erotica as they can within 12 hours to raise money for the incredible work done by the Abortion Support Network.

I will be participating and I know that the other seven writers will be producing some top-class erotic stories. If you'd like to join in then do go and visit C&Ks page for more info. It promises to be a fun, erotica-filled day so don't miss out!

Friday, 20 July 2018

The height of hypocrisy

I am just under an inch shorter than the average height for men in the UK, almost an inch taller than the global average and about four inches taller than the average UK height for women. Why is this important? Because men have to be taller than women to be attractive.

Of course, I don't actually think men have to be taller than women to be attractive. I don't think any gender has to be built like Adonis nor have a face to launch a thousand ships to be attractive. Whilst body shaming is rightfully vilified, height seems to be one of the exceptions.

I'm writing this post purely as an observation. As someone just slightly shorter than average I am aware of the risk of developing a Napoleon complex. I'm also aware that some of you will now consider me less attractive knowing I'm a mere 5'7.3". In much the same way that I'm aware that my being white, cis male and heterosexual has the potential to make the world a worse place, I'm aware that being a just-under medium-sized version of that could be the perfect formula for a dictatorial bastard, and so I strive to be the opposite.

Having dated women who are taller than me I know that those good ol' societal judgements deem such a pairing to be Unacceptable. But the concept of only dating others with the same body shape as you is, I hope, becoming outdated and so I hope, too, the same will eventually be true with height. If there is a spark then, before long, neither of you will notice the difference anyway.

I understand why you may have "Must be taller than me", "6'+ only", "Don't be short" in your dating profile. We have all been physiologically shaped by society (amusingly the recommended related article to one which I used to research this post was 'What is the global average penis size?'), no matter how hard we may have since tried to reform. My hope is that such demands for an aspect of our bodies which we cannot change will eventually be seen as equally ridiculous as insisting upon only meeting thin people, curvy people, white people etc.