Monday, 15 October 2018

One-bar cage

An October storm, almost supernatural in power, raged through the forest and tore at the stately wood lodge. Built to withstand such forces, it stood firm. Only the creak of the straining structure, the timpani of thunder and the snare of rain sounded in Chloe's ears. Her voyeurs focused on her silently.

Her punishment was well-deserved. It was also optional. His style of domination always allowed her to make choices. She knew that, by agreeing with his decision, she would improve in her submissiveness. She also enjoyed surrendering to the whims of his imagination.

Low lamplight glinted off the metal cuffs around her wrists and ankles. A short chain trailed from her steel collar to an iron ring in the floor, forcing her to bend at the waist. This was all part of her punishment, as was her being displayed naked for the other Doms gathered about the room, all acquaintances of her Master.

A key element of the punishment was the solid steel bar secured to the floor between her legs. It had a long, flared top which was currently only partly visible. The bulk of it was buried deep in her cunt. This, combined with the other bondage accoutrements, held her firmly in place. A one-bar cage holding her captive and vulnerable for all the men to see.

Those men were seated in comfortable leather armchairs arranged in a semi-circle around her, all of them in shadow. Directly behind her were patio doors displaying the lightning-strobed night beyond the glass. Above the cacophony of the storm she heard ice in whisky-filled tumblers. Freedom was within her grasp; this was where the game began. 

In front of her mouth a small plastic tube had been secured. It ran behind her into a tub of water. The base of the tub was at waist height and, floating at the top of the water; a tennis ball. String was tied around the ball and draped outside of the bucket. A small key, resting on the floor, was held in a knot at the other end of the string. 

The more water Chloe drank, the lower the tennis ball would sink and the higher the key would be pulled. If she drank all the water the key would be within her grasp. She could then unlock the cuffs, which would allow her to reach down for another key for the collar and yet another for the steel bar.

Lube, which had been generously applied to the metal dildo, slid down her voluminous thighs and was now joined by the urine she had so desperately tried to hold back. But, forced to drink so much water during the past two hours, she had no choice but to humiliate herself in front of the Doms. 

How many of their subs had been in this same situation? she wondered. Would I ever find myself here again? One of the men opened the doors behind her, inviting in the storm. Immediately she was soaked with rain, the water sluicing the various liquids from her body, onto the floor and out into the night. Amidst the tempest she slid further down onto the dildo. Added to the stimulation of being enjoyed by the men, this tiny action was enough to send her into ecstatic abandon.

The doors were closed again and her damp, bare skin was left to dry in the warmth. Her disobedient orgasm had gone unnoticed. She sucked and sucked. Now the key was in her hand, now she slotted it into the hole, now she turned it and released her hands. The ankle cuffs soon followed, then she was unlocking the steel bar. It slid down, emerging slowly and slickly from her delighted cunt.

"Expose!" her Master ordered.

She got to her knees, spread her legs and clasped her hands behind her head. It was time for her reward. A vibrator was held at the parting of her lips, delicately thrumming against her clit. The men took it in turns to stand before her, unbutton their flies and masturbate. Soon she was drenched with the cream of their lust, each splash of cum taking her closer to her own zenith.

"Good little cum slut," He said, before giving her permission to finger herself to ecstasy.

One hand grasped tightly around the vibrator whilst the other sought out her depths. She pressed the toy harder between her labia. A darkness as black as the tempestuous night shrouded her eyes then burst into electrifying light - an orgasm so intense she felt herself rising above the room then slamming back into her pulsating body, waves of pure bliss radiating from her exposed genitals. Sated, she opened her eyes and grinned at the men looking benevolently down at her.


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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Who I am

I love travel, adventure and exploring the world, and I love kink and exploring our bodies. This picture, taken high up in a remote part of the Andes, illustrates both of these passions of mine.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Subtle chemistry

I've become increasingly aware of my tendencies to switch. I started out in kink as submissive, became almost totally dominant over the years but now feel as though there may be more of a balance, even though I have fewer opportunities to explore the sub side.

There's an important factor which dictates if I'll be playing as a sub or Dom; the person I'm with. It doesn't matter how they're dressed, the shape of their body nor what they do for a living. It's a subtle chemistry, a few meaningful words, the way in which they act towards me. 

When I chat with a certain someone in a private Twitter DM, or with my sub on WhatsApp, the perfectly ordinary conversations aren't infused with orders or obedience. But if one of us could step through that screen there would be little doubt as to who would be putting on the collar and leash.

Whilst I remain mostly Dom, if I do find that there's an essence of dominance in another then I would be more than willing to help that person explore that side of them. It is, however, important for me to let them discover their submissiveness or dominance for themselves, I wouldn't ever suggest that someone comes across as one or the other - that would be incredibly presumptive on my part.

Of course, for whatever reason, it isn't always possible to get this feeling towards another person. I also doubt that I often get it right on wher they fall on the Dom/sub spectrum. But when it seems obvious, and when they do reveal themselves to be one or the other, then a mundane conversation can seem so wonderfully infused with a sense of D/s.