Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Candaulism is a rather niche kink (aren't they all?) involving someone taking sexual pleasure from displaying their partner naked for others' gratification. Historically it was the man exposing his female partner - it was King Candaules who originally showed his unaware naked wife to his servant (she then ordered the servant to kill himself or her husband) - but it seems as though the term has been updated to involve all genders as the one being put on display.

Wouldn't that be a very sexy situation? To be so adored that your partner is aroused by showing you off to others? Or to be so proud of your partner that you get a kick out of others objectifying their naked body? I know that I would most definitely enjoy both scenarios.

What, for me, distinguishes this particular kink is that it is the simple act of putting (or being put) on display. There is no sex involved as this would likely fall into the category of cuckolding or cuckqueaning. I have two partners who have exquisite bodies and I'd enjoy parading them unclothed in front of an appreciative audience. I'd also be extremely flattered (/surprised) if someone wanted to show me off.

Another distinguishing factor is that sense of ownership. This isn't some random naked person being put on display, it's someone who is special to you and with whom you have some sort of relationship. 

"Guys, you've all met my girlfriend before. Well tonight, with your permission, I'd like to show you how great she looks naked."

Hot, right? Of course, unlike King Candaules, you should ensure that your partner has consented to being exhibited naked and that your audience is aware (preferably keen) about what's about to happen.

Such a situation is likely to only arise amongst close acquaintances who are kink-friendly. But it may be possible to engineer a situation where you and a friend very briefly 'catch' an 'unaware' (i.e. consenting) partner in a state of undress, then suggest to this friend that the partner doesn't mind being seen. Based on their reaction you either continue the show or apologise and move on.

This scenario may, however, be unethical - even if the glimpse is brief it is still non-consensually imposing semi-nudity on an innocent. In an adult club, however, this behaviour is welcomed. I've been fortunate to have attended such clubs and, as an extremely proud owner, found that exposing my sub to an enraptured audience to be enormously arousing.

So, if Candaulism is something you'd like to try, I would suggest that you:

1. Ensure your partner is fully consenting (check out RACK or SSC)
2. Find a friendly sex club or event
3. Discuss between yourselves how and when they're going to be exposed
4. Start the show - you'll soon have an audience
5. Enjoy (or, if uncomfortable on the night, don't force it)

Monday, 3 December 2018


As regular readers will know, I'm in a happy, ethically non-monogamous marriage. In addition to my wife G I also have simple relationships with other people who share my predilection for kink.

Currently I'm in a most enjoyable relationship with someone who is studying for a PhD in the UK for a couple of years. We seem to be doing a good job of maintaining the relationship even though I'll be away for six months (regular communication is important). There will come a day, though, when her studies end and she leaves the country.

It's fine. No, it really is fine. Knowing that there's a time limit to our relationship helps to guide feelings in the meantime and, whilst I'm happy with having just one other regular lover in my life at the moment, it has crossed my mind that perhaps I should be looking for something more permanent too.

This is where it gets complicated. Whilst I'd like permanence, due to the agreements I have with G I can't offer a particularly substantial relationship. I'd need someone who is happy to meet only occasionally but wants to communicate regularly.

Is it greedy of me to want someone else in my life? I think not. G is happy for me to see others, particularly as they share kinks with me and she does not. My other partner sees other men too. There seems to be a realisation amongst us all that we cannot 100% satisfy each other's needs and that it's perfectly acceptable to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

When I return to the UK in March I shall be blowing off the dust on my OK Cupid profile. Whilst I really do not enjoy the process of dating (in fact I think I hate it) I know that I need other people in my life and so will endure the pain. At least, I think, I'm now comfortable with not accusing myself of being greedy.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

The date

Another attempted dabble at non-heterosexual erotica. Was Alyssa fair to treat her date this way? Is this a healthy way to discover your sexuality? Appropriate way to treat an extrovert? Read on and enjoy!


"Oh please, I'm absolutely not homophobic,"
"But you just admitted to lying about being bi to tempt me on this date!"
"Yes, I did and I'm sorry. But that doesn't make me homophobic,"
"Just an idiot,"
"Right. Just a massive idiot."

Nose and tongue piercing, bright blue hair, long dangling earrings. Alyssa looked as though she had just graduated from art college. This would be an incorrect observation; she'd graduated seven years ago, she just had good skin.

Cortina's father had named him after his favourite car. It was a ridiculous name and so everyone called him Cort - a suitably exotic-sounding name for an underwear model. Cort's average work day consisted of 5 hours at the gym, 1 hour of hair removal or tanning, 10 minutes of nibbling at a salad and 1 hour of being photographed by Alyssa.

In his endearingly gruff Sheffield accent he'd asked her out on a date, using his sexuality as a hook. In her plain Home Counties accent she'd agreed, curious about getting to know a model whose sexuality matched her own.

After Cort admitted he wasn't actually bi-sexual, he then further admitted that he hadn't ever fully explored the idea of it. Once A,USA had made it clear that he was an idiot she decided to take him to her favourite place; a gay club owned by her friend Tom. The club boasted acts which were sufficiently x-rated to whip the mainly male audience into a frenzy of arousal. 

At the club Cort watched in uncomfortable fascination as one muscular and oiled beefcake fellated another. Desperate to get his reaction Alyssa allowed herself another ten minutes of this tantalising performance before grabbing her date's hand and whisking him out and into a nearby diner.

"So?" She asked after they'd slid into a secluded booth.
"Fine...er, all good," he replied, not sure how to respond.
"You enjoyed it?"
"Well, kinda,"
"You seem uncertain,"
"I am, that was pretty intense."

Alyssa couldn't disagree and felt a twinge of guilt that maybe she'd taken things a little too far and fast for the model. She then realised that he wasn't reacting with disgust, but rather curiosity. An idea began to form in her mind.

"What did you think of those two guys sucking cock?" She asked, rather crudely.
"I'm not sure, although it was interesting to get a close-up view,"
"Would you like to go on another date there? Tim could arrange a special performance,"
"Maybe, but not tonight."

Before they departed Alyssa accepted a quick kiss on the lips. When this evening had begun a few hours ago she wouldn't have contemplated such intimacy, but her date had pleasantly surprised her. When confronted with such an overt challenge to his sexuality he had responded with open-minded contemplation, rather than hostility.


Several dates into this relationship, Alyssa's idea which had been seeded on that first evening together was now ready to bear fruit. It was turning out to be an unusual coupling; occasional fumbling in the evenings where they both exulted at the touch of the other. And then the normal working day where Alyssa had to photograph her lover wearing a vast array of underwear, each shutter click a marker of her increasing arousal and desperation to fuck him. Patience.

This, now, was the point at which she should open her heart a little and allow herself to start falling in love. An incident with a cheating previous partner had, however, kept her feelings at bay. The idea which had been conceived in that gay club had grown into a rather convoluted plan - a plan that would hopefully allow her to start trusting again.

Is everything ready for tonight? she'd texted Tim.
Yes, Cort will be in excellent hands, the club owner replied.

Cort arrived promptly at Alyssa's apartment wearing jeans and a white t-shirt (both tight). They'd earlier talked about how adventurous they both were and she had subtly reminded him of his claim to be bi-sexual. The conversation had made him trepidatious about this evening.

Alyssa wondered if she were being unfair to Cort, or even acting unethically. She'd wanted to make this evening's proceedings a surprise but, her conscience getting the better of her, she decided to unveil the outline of her plans in the taxi to Tim's club.

"So, you've now told me that you're bisexual, adventurous and also enjoyed at least a level of curiosity at the gay club the other night," she began.
"And you're an underwear model so I know you're an exhibitionist,"
"Um, I guess,"
"Well, I've arranged a little something for you at the club,"
"Oh. A test?"
"Yes...well, no. Kind of, but if you're not comfortable with it that's fine, we can go from there,"
"OK. Hmmm," Cort paused and there was silence whilst Alyssa anxiously let him think things through. He continued; "I know you were previously treated like shit and understandably have trust issues. If I can help you through those tonight I will certainly try."

Stop it, not yet, Alyssa told herself whilst looking into his grey eyes and trying not to fall in love. 

It was already busy in the club, but Tim had reserved Alyssa a seat near the stage. He then took Cort away. She was surrounded by hot and horny men plus a scattering of over-excited women.

A stripper - entirely naked - was coming to the end of his act and Alyssa's nerves were temporarily replaced with arousal. Then the curtains came down and her nerves returned and doubled.


Anders had carefully explained the act and tried to put him at ease. With one last check that Cort was happy to proceed - and making it clear that it's perfectly fine to stop at any time - he left the model with his costume as well as a bottle of lube.

"I'm a driller and you're the well," Anders had summarised before disappearing to get changed.

Five minutes later Cort was led onto the stage. Behind the curtains his ankles were shackled to the ground and his wrists handcuffed behind his back. He could just about make out the narrow hole beneath him.

In the few moments he was left alone, a surge of doubt coursed through him. But then the curtains began to rise and, standing in darkness, he looked out on over a hundred people. He noticed Alyssa on the front row and decided to focus on a spot at the back of the room. All he had to do was stand there.

Gradually the lights rose - garish red and blue. Anders glided onto the stage. He was born to be a dancer with his slight but strong frame. He wore tight-fitting blue overalls which were smeared with oil, as well as a yellow hard hat. Neither restricted his entrancing fluid movement. The hat was discarded almost immediately to reveal his long blonde hair. The overalls followed shortly after leaving him wearing only black calf-length worker boots and a black leather thong.

Cort's costume was not entirely dissimilar to the clothes he'd been wearing at the start of the evening, but with one key difference; it was a patched together with Velcro. This allowed Anderson to tear it off piece-by-piece which he did as he leapt and danced around the shackled man. Unlike the dancer, Cort was wearing nothing beneath and so when the final scrap of costume was torn off he was left standing entirely naked. The audience's whoops and screams were deafening.

Anders produced a bottle of baby oil which he suggestively squirted over the hapless Cort. His hands went everywhere and the model experienced his first test of his sexuality. So far so good.

The dramatic, thumping music quietened and the audience did too. Anders got to his knees and pretended to pull something from the floor. The stage began to very slowly spin. Out of that narrow hole emerged a silver metal cylinder, rounded and bulbous at the top. It slowly rose in time with Anders's movements and was soon pushing between Cort's perfect buttocks, just as his rear was facing the audience.

Riveted, the men and women watched as the cylinder gradually penetrated the bound hunk. When the stage started spinning again Anders's recommenced his dance and the cylinder slowly thrust in and out of Cort's ass. Another test for him, and this one he enjoyed - the cool metal filling him and teasing his prostate.

The audience was now in raptures. Alyssa was soaking wet and wanted nothing more than to leap on stage and get her hands on her exquisite date. But she remained seated and still, entranced by this wonderfully erotic act.

Cort's final test. Anders occasionally paused in his dance to take the other man in his mouth. Cort had never felt anything like it before - Anders's tongue licked him repeatedly on the most sensitive spot on his frenulum. His mouth knew exactly when to plunge down to take him all in or to travel down to suckle on those heavy dangling orbs.

All the while Cort's ass continued to be steadily fucked. Anders's danced then sucked, danced then sucked. He was a master of timing and, sensing the right moment, positioned himself behind the model and grasped his stretched, hard cock.

The music stopped, replaced by a rumbling soundtrack. The rhythm of the ass fucking doubled, matching Anders's hand stroke. Cort threw his head backwards - thrusting out his pecs and surrendering his cock to the dancer's expert touch. A surge of cum spurted from the quivering model, splashing on the stage and even hitting some of those on the front row. Alyssa watched in jealousy as the man next to her yelped in delight as a drop of semen landed on him.

Lights off, curtains down. Cort trembled as he listened to the ecstatic crowd. The cylinder had retreated back under the stage and a stagehand released him from bondage. Anders helped him off stage.

"Fucking spectacular," the dancer said to him before squeezing his butt and disappearing into a changing room.

Someone handed Cort some wet wipes and he spent several minutes cleaning up. He quickly dressed then found his phone.

I'm waiting outside. A x

Alyssa couldn't stay in the club. She couldn't wait to get her man home and fuck him all night long. Having now seen him entirely naked it only seemed fair to return the favour. 

Cort stepped into the street, lube still dripping from inside him. He saw Alyssa and smiled, happy to see her and relieved to have passed the test in a most enjoyable way. In her own weird way Alyssa knew now that she could allow herself to fall in love.