Sunday, 1 January 2012

Getting her signed up Pt 1

Turns out that G made it easy for me to broach the subject. I was wondering how just saying so, how about getting naked in front of other people? would go down.

But G spared me when I caught her reading that very same article about a high end London sex club.

"Interesting isn't it?" I asked hopefully.
"Hmm." She said.

So far, so noncomittal. I was encouraged, though, that she read the article all the way through.

I had always wondered what G's thoughts about public nudity and swinging may be, but never felt the need to ask. Once, when we were on holiday in Croatia, we were on a nudist beach. She was stripped down to just a thong when a man approached us. G remained almost naked and didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed.

After some small talk he got to the point.

"So," he said, "my girlfriend and I are into swinging, would you be interested?"

We were quite young and this bloke was not the most attractive person I'd seen that day. Without asking G I replied.

"No, thanks."

He shrugged, wished us well and walked away after a last wilful glance at G's breasts. G hadn't said a word although she now had a slight smile on her face. I hadn't thought much about it since.

Once G had finished the article I asked if she may like to give something like a high end sex party a try.

"I don't know." She said. "Seems expensive."
"Hmm, well think about it for me yeah?"

I didn't want to push it. I'd do some more research and come up with something I'm sure she'd be comfortable with.

In the meantime we have a house guest, and not the sort to have fun with. They're leaving tomorrow, but we've had to put up with some innocent stroking at night. G got a bit too excited and took held of me and tongued me deeply on the mouth. I had my tight boxers and I was straining against them. Before things went too far she turned over. I gave her her good night slap on the ass and I was left alone for the night.


  1. I can relate to everything I have read so far. My husband raised the topic of swinging, only via email, He sent me a link. Without checking it out I said yes. That was nearly two years ago. My how the time flies.
    You can catch up with some of our experiences in my blog. I write erotic fiction too (new story coming soon)
    Be good ;)

  2. Read your blog...strange how we are so similar! Maybe this time next year we'll be in the same place you are

  3. Maybe at some point our paths will cross. There is a very real possibility they will....
    I wish you both an incredible journey of discovery.