Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hot and steamy in public

Climbing a mountain in China. Scary, but we did it. White water rafting in Borneo. Terrifying, but we made it. Dodging pirates on a freighter ship in the Bay of Bengal. Disconcerting, but we're still here.

Stripping naked in a swinging naturist spa. Petrifying, but last night that's exactly what we did.

Outside it was freezing cold, inside was much warmer. We were both nervous but, once we'd handed over the cash and been buzzed in there was no turning back.

We went to our separate locker rooms. In the gents was a pretty lady getting changed into her swim things with her not-at-all attractive man. Hmm, was the bloke just lucky or was there something else going on...

I took off my clothes and put on my tight swim shorts. Being naked in front of the pretty girl wasn't a problem for me.

Outside I met G and together we entered the spa. We went into a jacuzzi with a naked couple and another unsure-looking pair. We soaked in the warm water. Bliss.

In the jacuzzi across the room a woman was sat on her man's lap and they were kissing deeply. Another cute girl had her thonged ass out the water.

We adjusted to our surroundings. The spa was not a sleazy as I had feared, but was in fact warm, clean and welcoming. We decided to head into the next room where there was a huge jazuzzi in which dozens could sit.

There were just two other couples. One couple were having sex, the lady of the other couple was being fingered underwater and she moaned loudly in pleasure. She was, I estimated, at least sixty. Good for her but still, yuck.

After a minute we walked out, but not before the older lady took my arm and whispered 'Foursome?' and licked her lips. I politely said 'No thanks' as if I were turning down a Big Issue. She stared at my crotch as I walked on past.

To the sauna. An older naked couple were already there. They were friendly and we happily chatted with them. They appeared to be true naturists, just here to get naked and nothing else.

Eventually we realised the were a few girls here with ugly men who know doubt paid them for company. This spa had private rooms for secluded, er, relaxation. Every now and then these odd couples disappeared to these rooms. Bit of a sleaze fest after all, then, and not really my sort of place.

But there were far more genuine couples. Many were getting frisky in the jacuzzis, breasts were bobbing everywhere. G sat on my lap and we kissed passionately, stroking each other underwater.

We went back to the sauna. I asked if G was enjoying herself. She replied that she was, and I was surprised how excited we both were. A little disgusted too, I admit, but feeling, well, liberated. G giggled as she told me that she'd just seen a huge cock.

"How huge?" I asked.
She held up her hands.
"Wow, what a treat for you."
She giggled again. "Er, no. Way too big. Ouch."

Getting naked in the spa
She then said that she was being stared at constantly but, after feeling a bit discomforted to start off with, she now it a bit odd. She agreed it was novel that I was getting eyed up by most of the women  there too. I enjoyed it, and told her so.

Back in the bubbling jacuzzi G again sat on my lap and, as we kissed, I mentioned that her nipples were falling out of her top.

"Hmm, oh well." she replied nonchalantly.
"You don't mind?" I asked.
"No, not really."
"Why don't you take your top off then?"
"You can take it off if you want."

I looked around. None of the pervy men were around. Reaching behind her I untied G's bikini top and revealed her 32 C breasts. They glistened and jiggled in the warm water. We kissed long and hard. Some of the other couples took mild interest in what we were doing.

This was a turning point. We could now strip off and play properly with each other. Or we could wait and do that in more salubrious surroundings.

We decided to wait. But I wanted to go a little further and so stripped naked to shower and wash away the heavily chlorinated water. Now I had the undivided attention of some ladies, and I enjoyed a few moments of soaping up and washing off, turning around to give them a look of my ass as well as a full frontal eyeful.

Back in the locker room I overheard a couple outside. They were talking about how they thought this was just a normal spa but had obviously seen otherwise. They'd had fun but, like us, it was time to head home.

G and I agreed that we probably wouldn't visit again. We'd enjoyed the friendliness and openness of the place, but if we were to take it any further it would have to be at a more upmarket club, where we could acclimatise whilst fully clothed, and go further should we choose without pressure.

We also chatted about involving other people and decided that we'd be ready to invite a voyeuristic female to come and watch us pleasure each other.

As we walked I marvelled at this spa in north London where every night people were stripping off and having fun. What an amazing city! Before we could sleep we enjoyed fantastic sex, which went some way to release our sexual tension...until the next time...

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