Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dirty weekend in Brussels

Last weekend we enjoyed a dirty and decadent weekend in Brussels. Initial thoughts that the city was a bit vanilla were dispelled when we passed gallery after gallery of erotic art - a statue of a girl bending over here, a painting of a lady pulling her thong away from her pussy there.

Most of the action took place in the hotel bedroom. Here's an account of just some of what we got up to (illustrated, as usual, by my gorgeous wife and I)


She was biting her bottom lip. In a mischievous mood then, and turned on too.

Under the subdued hotel lighting I stood perfectly still and allowed her eyes to roam over me. The lift pinged and we stepped in with a trio of French girls. She placed a hand on my butt.

The girls exited on the floor below ours. Back in our room I went over to the ice bucket and extracted the bottle of champagne. After we had both finished our glasses of cool, crisp bubbles I went and changed into the underwear that G liked me to model.

I pulled on some skin tight black leatherette shorts, but wasn't allowed to keep them on for long. Having dished out a quick spank she instructed me to remove them. Underneath I had on a thong that framed my butt and nestled my genitals in soft, silky cotton.

G's hand traced the crescents at the base of my cheeks. Her fingers hooked the sides of my underwear and slid it over my ass and down my legs. She pushed my back and bent me over a table. This was her preferred position for me.

She reached between my legs to fondle my full, dangling balls. What had she in mind for me tonight I wondered.

I was led over to the bed.

"On the bed, on your hands and knees." I couldn't help but harden a little at the sound of her confident and desire-laden voice.

The warm air in the hotel room felt cool on my exposed hole. The next sensation I felt was her mouth enveloping my cock. Within seconds I was growing harder, filling her sucking maw.

Her slithering tongue probed at the engorged head. Without realising I had arched my back, offering up my ass for her.

A lubed finger lingered there then penetrated. I was momentarily distracted from her hungry mouth. I inhaled sharply when the finger was replaced with a small vibrator, the slick goo feeling so cold inside me.

"Oh you like that?"

I remained silent. The totality of her domination was delicious, her conquering of me down to two simple facts: she had control of my ass and her lips on my cock.

She turned the vibrator on and I stifled a gasp. For failing to remain silent I received a sharp slap on my taut butt.

By lying on her back with her head under my long erection she was able to take me deep in her mouth whilst leaving one hand free to pull at and squeeze my balls. The other grasped the vibrator and gently slid it in and out.

Her strong lips gripped my shaft as she slurped me greedily. I could tell she wanted me to cum soon and I didn't dare disappoint.

It started deep in my stomach and rolled over my entire body. The darkening, inevitable throbbing soon flooded into my saliva coated cock which pumped out a flood of thick white cum into G's welcoming mouth.

At the same time she pulled out the vibrator so that I was left feeling entirely empty, shivering cold and unquestionably possessed by her love and lust.

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