Thursday, 29 March 2012

5 sexiest hotels

As soon as I step into a hotel room I become a total man whore. I'm 100% horny as soon as I hang up the 'Do not disturb' sign. Why? Subdued lighting, clean sheets, no worries about embarassing your neighbours, the feeling that you're in someone else's room, the potential of meeting other couples...there are plenty more reasons...

Of course, the hotel itself makes a huge difference. Here are the top 5 sexiest hotels I've ever stayed in:

Raratonga Backpackers beachfront, Cook Islands. 
Perfect South Pacific beach, bath water-warm water and no-one else around. Living day in day out in nothing more than skimpy swimwear results in sex. Lots and lots of sex.

Lake Crescent Lodge, Washington State, USA. 
Stay in a log cabin with a fireplace on the shores of one of the mlst beautiful lakes you ever did see. After swimming in the clear waters and building a fire there's nothing to do but have sex over and over again.

Barcelo Raval, Barcelona, Spain. 
The dark tones of the lobby make it feel like a sex club. The pink and purple lighting and long silver pole in the bedrooms make it feel like a strip club. OK, the pole has a TV attached to it, but the sexiness continues in the sauna and gym, and on the wrap-around roof terrace on which guests can frolick in the pool whilst looking out over the city.

Grand Hyatt, Kiev, Ukraine. 
Hyatts by their very nature have a kind of sexy opulence what with their thick carpets, huge beds and walk-in showers. This particular property, though, comes with a bevy of supermodels-to-be Ukrainian girls and the gym has frosted glass changing rooms and more beauties doing laps in the pool wearing thongs.

Secret hotel, Venice, Italy.
Luxuriously furnished, flowing curtains and a balcony over a quiet canal. This place, which I'm selfishly keeping to myself, used to be a palace and the bed is perfect for tieing your princess (or prince) to and exploring some more canals.

If I were a tourist in London I'd probably go to The Soho Hotel or W Hotel as they seem pretty hot to me. Unless I'm forgetting somewhere?

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