Sunday, 18 March 2012

Erotic art

Yesterday we went to our first erotic art exhibition, and both really enjoyed it. Whenever I become rich (any day now, surely?) I shall furnish my luxury apartment with images of gorgeous models in various nude poses.

G came away from the exhibition suggesting we find a photographer to take artistic nude photos of us. If anyone can recommend one, please let me know.

Here are our favourite pictures from the day, the first two are G's favourites.
Mick Payton: Belonging
Mick Payton: Always remember your first
Mick Payton: Adorable
Mick Payton: Arrow of Adonis
Stephen Perry: (unknown)
Stephen Perry: Sphere

Igor Vasiliadis: Clumba and Maria in Hong Kong No 2

This last one is my no 1: I like the situation, I like the casual nudity and I like thinking what has already happened and what is about to happen. Sphere is also a beautiful picture and I love how Mick Payton presents the human form. 

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  1. Apologies for only just finding this post! So glad you enjoyed the exhibition!

    Mick Payton