Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hmm, how best to explain this? Well, I'll start by telling you a little bit about her (not too much - she wishes to remain anonymous). 

She and I once worked together, but that was a while ago now. On one my last weeks at work we went out to a social event together. We got drunk, talked about things colleagues don't usually talk about (for example, do you like looking at your naked body in a mirror?)

My gorgeous favourite lady and wife G knows all about her. It was in fact G who suggested I hook up with her as an occasional fuck buddy. G has had more sex experience than me and wants me to catch up. She really does. Great huh?

I meet my fuck buddy very rarely, just a few times a year. She has dark black hair, curvy body and is a few years older than me. G has drawn up an agreement for me, my FB and whomever else may want me in future. 

Here it is:

1. C is my husband, he will always be mine and is being loaned to you for a brief period only because I am allowing it.
2. He is being given to you in a clean state, please return him in this way.
3. No bites, scratches or other marks.
4. If you see him more than twice I first need to meet you. Maybe we can all have fun together.
5. No anal sex.
6. Once again, he is mine and this is only a loan. Please enjoy responsibly.

G also requires me to provide a full description of whoever wants me, as well as a picture. She has banned ugly girls, anyone under 20 or over 50. At times I feel the luckiest man alive...

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