Sunday, 4 March 2012

Splitting personalities

At times I feel incredibly dominant. If G is happy to submit, she strips naked for me and stays that way all evening, coming to me when called for the occasional fondle. I'll tie her to the bed, then satisfy my cravings with her. Touching, fingering, penetrating.

At other times I am overwhelmingly submissive. I will have a bath and shower then go and find G whilst wearing her favourite boxer shorts. She doesn't need much tempting to take control. Soon her hands will be all over me and I'll be told to get naked. She'll either then take me in her mouth or get me to straddle her whilst she fingers my ass.

In the BDSM community you can be dom, sub or switch. Switch is where you are dom one day, then maybe sub the next. I believe that the sort of person you become when you are dom or sub should be so consuming that you should always present yourself in the same way. If someone saw you with a girl on a leash one day, it would be incongruous to see you being fucked with a strap on the next.

I have therefore decided to split personlaities, to become two different people presenting myself in two different ways to two different sets of people. I live my life as a sub and I live my life as a dom.

Of course my sex life won't all be about BDSM. I want to continue exploring other sexual adventures too. The only place where I'll talk about all aspects of this life will be here on this blog.

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