Monday, 9 April 2012

CFNM Down Under

A short while ago, when I was in my late twenties, I was a resident of the exciting city of Melbourne for four whole months. I had a job that allowed me to play during the day and a girlfriend who had given me permission to do whatever I liked with whomever I liked.

It was a hot summer that saw daytime temperatures hitting over 38°. I felt my passions rise with the heat. There was something I had heard about called CFNM. Clothed Female Naked Male, for men who liked to be unclothed and women who derived pleasure from looking at them.

I found a CFNM group in Melbourne, run by a girl who couldn't seem to get enough of naked male flesh. I sent her a message letting her know I was curious. She replied by telling me that if I was serious she would take me to a nearby nudist beach.

As we drove along she told me more about herself and her desires. Up until this point I had never spoken with anyone of the opposite sex who had such clear and kinky interests and, more importantly, was happy to speak candidly of them.

We found a quiet spot at the beach.

"Do you want me naked?" I asked.
"Yes." She replied unhesitatingly.

I peeled off my shirt and stepped out of my shoes, revelling in the feel of powdery warm sand between my toes. Off came my shorts. Up until we had arrived in Melbourne my girlfriend and I had been travelling for several months. Being in the sun for so long and carrying a heavy backpack had resulted in my skin being toned a deep bronze, my muscles to be pronounced and my hair bleached blonde.

I enjoyed her absorbing my body as I slipped off my underwear, my sex slightly swollen by the warmth of the sun. As we chatted about nothing for an hour my companion constantly shifted her gaze from the sea to my pecs and abs then down to my legs. At one point I was asked to walk to the waves so that she could admire my rear.

After a couple of days she got in touch to thank me. I asked if she would like to do it again. I was thrilled by her reply. She wanted to play with me at her house.

When the day arrived I spent at least an hour trimming and preening. I was happy with how I looked. It was perhaps the hottest day of the summer and I was glowing with heat when she opened the door.

She didn't hesitate. She made herself comfortable sitting on the floor and asked me to strip.

I repeated the show from the beach only this time much slower. I turned my back to her as I slid my boxers slowly over my buttocks until they crested the taut muscles and sprang down past my thighs.

"Don't move." She ordered. I was still bent over after pulling down my underwear. "Spread your legs."

"Your balls are hanging heavy. Full of cum." 

She stroked my ass, ran her fingers down the cleft to get a handful of my dangling orbs. Her hands felt cool. She made me stand properly and turned me around.

Her hand traced down my torso then encircled my soft, glistening shaft. Within seconds I was hardening. She produced a ruler.

"I like to measure guys." She explained. I was getting bigger and harder. "Just over 7 inches, you're a big boy." She laughed. "Big girth too."

She told me to turn, bend and spread again. "See how your balls are tighter and don't hang as much when you're erect?" 

We chatted for a bit next to each other on the sofa. I posed for some pictures that she said she would enjoy later.

"Do you like having your ass played with?" She asked.
"I do. My girlfriend bought me a toy for my birthday and it feels great."
"Has she ever found your g-spot?"
"No, I don't think so."
"But you know you have one? The prostate?"
"Yes, I've heard about it."

She went out the room and returned with a box. She fetched out an object about 20 centimetres long, slightly curved and with a small ball shape at one end.

"This is a prostate massager. You wanna give it a try?"

I agreed straight away, glad that I had cleaned inside and out earlier. She warned me that it could produce quite a powerful feeling, especially first time.

I was told to lie on the floor, knees up and legs apart. She squirted some lube on her hands and slicked it over my cock. Next she donned a rubber glove and daubed more lube on her finger. She circled my smooth opening then slid inside me, spreading the clear goo.

It felt immensely erotic letting someone play with my intimate place. There aren't many who have seen me there let alone finger me. Finally she applied yet more lube to the toy.

When the cold plastic gently penetrated I gasped. I raised my ass and gave myself to her. One hand stroked my cock whilst the other slowly pistoned the massager in and out. Cold lube dribbled over my ass.

She squeezed the tip of my sex then increased the grasp on the shaft. I found it hard to concentrate on both the feeling of being both masturbated and toyed in the ass.

Suddenly she found a spot deep inside me that almost caused me to black out and lose total control. I gasped again, louder than before, causing her to stop.

"Too much?" 
"I think so, yes. For now."

I was disappointed. I really wanted to experience reaching orgasm through anal play, but this was too much for one day. She carefully extracted the toy and lustfully stroked my hole and perenium again. She reached for the ruler again.

"7.5 inches, I reckon this is as big as you're going to get."

She pulled the glove off and ran her forefinger from the tip to the base of my erection then stood.

"You aren't going to finish me?" I asked.
"Not today."

I dressed and we bade farewell. I rode the tram home still feeling a little disappointed and desperate to release the pent up desire throbbing in my cock.

We never met again. I still haven't orgasmed through anal play, something I definitely hope to put right one day.

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