Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My idea for a male sex toy

After some research I've come to the conclusion that the male sex toy market is missing something.

Toys either focus on just one area or are massive. G likes to see and play with my cock. She doesn't want a giant plastic sleeve getting in the way of her fun. I want something a little more stimulating than a vibrating cock ring.

Here is my idea:

Butt plug glans stimulating cock ring

The toy is made up of elastic tubes filled with liquid. When the penis is erect the liquid is squeezed into a small container. When the penis is flaccid the liquid fills the tubes in order to help keep the toy fixed to it.

A lower strap acts as a cock ring. From here a wire leads to a butt plug which contains a battery, small vibrating unit and receiver so that G can stimulate me remotely (and in public).

The strap around the glans holds in place a small vibrator beneath the head against the most sensitive part of the penis.

My toy can stimulate my ass, keep me erect with the cock ring as well as bring on intense orgasm via the head of my penis. The component parts are small, meaning G can enjoy looking at me and fondling. It's discreet enough to be worn in public.

Why has no-one made this yet?!

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