Monday, 2 July 2012

Her. Him.

Her: Sun on my bare shoulders. Walking to the bar. His idea, my turn to do what he desires.

Him: She looks incredible. Tiny vest, short skirt and, I knew, a mini thong. The others were already at the bar.

Her: The bar is busy. Lots of young, trendy people. In the booth his friends sit. Both good looking, confident.

Him: They're not proper friends. For starters we've only ever met online. But we do share a common interest.

Her: Me. They're all here for me. He talks with men and women online who meet up for sexual adventures.

Him: I can tell they like her. Of course they do. I fetch drinks and  leave them to get to know one another.

Her: I'm surprised, they're perfectly normal. But I know they want me. I feel happy, slutty.

Him: Our flat is five minutes away. The other two have done this before, but they've never met in person.

Her: We're in the flat. I have played the good hostess and passed out beers. He is now behind me.

Him: I lift her top over her head, then pull down her skirt. She almost bursts out of her 32C bra.

Her: They're looking me over. Three pairs of eyes go to my tits as he removes my bra.

Him: I turn her around. The others compliment her perfect round ass. The thong is slowly rolled off.

Her: I'm now only wearing knee-high boots. I turn around, my bare pussy on display.

Him: I stroke her ass. The others take the cue and move in.

Her: Their hands are all over me. He turns my head.

Him: I kiss her. Tongues flicking, groans from her.

Her: I look him in the eyes as they play.

Him: Hands on her pussy and tits.

Her: Fingers enter me. My pussy first.

Him: My fingers find her ass.

Her: My clit gets attention. So good.

Him: I bend her over.

Her: Three cocks for me.

Him: She sucks me. 

Her: A cock in my pussy, another in my hand.

Him: We take it in turns. She's so wet.

Her: Taken by surprise in the ass.

Him: We're close.

Her: Hot cum in my ass.

Him: Another cums in her mouth.

Her: He cums in my pussy.

Him: I'm in ecstasy.

Her: I'm in ecstasy.

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