Monday, 23 July 2012

She takes control

It didn't cost me much - just £5.99 - but it was exactly what I was looking for. Something to give G complete control over me.

I would say I'm dom 25% of the time, sub 35% of the time and pure shared love making afficionado the rest of the time. Recently I've been feeling very sub.

The cock leash arrived in the post from Bondara in just two days. G was away so I immediately tried it on, and I immediately realised that a shave and some lube would be a good idea.

It was slightly too small for me, but the slight discomfort just added to the BDSM mood. I took it off and left it lying around for G to discover. She straight away realised what it was.

I was ordered to strip and put it on. By now I was clean shaven but no time for lube. I squeezed my balls through the cock ring. Fondling myself a little filled the other rings.

I walked back in to G, handing her the leash. She lead me around the house by my cock, stopping to admire my entrapped erection. Orders followed. "Play with your balls", "Pinch your nipples", "Turn around, get on all fours and stick your ass up".

Following this last order G pulled my cock between my legs as she caressed my ass and balls. I was so hard now that the rings were painful. She whipped me with the leash then turned me around to play with my exposed tip.

At last she freed me and stroked and played with me until I orgasmed. For £5.99 our new toy sure provided a lot of fun. She can't wait to get it on me again.

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