Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review #1 Anal beads

The Black Thai Anal beads, at £3.99, are about as low cost as a sex toy gets. But low cost doesn't mean low quality. No, this won't be the most elegant toy in your collection, but they do offer good old straight-forward enjoyment. More importantly, for a toy that gets inserted up there, they are formed from just one piece of plastic and so there's no chance of a bead getting cosy and refusing to come back out.

Black is a good colour for an anal toy. For all the douche, enema and/or finger cleansing you may do, it's hard to get 100% clean, and black easily disguises anything you may have missed. These beads come encased in cheap plastic, with a picture of a lonely half-naked lady in apparent ecstasy on the front. Unlike her, I have a prostate, as well as a partner who was keen to seek it out.

Lube was liberally applied to the toy and to myself. The beads taper from 3cm wide, to one smaller than a pea. It's therefore hard to tell when they're first inserted, but four of five beads in and you soon start to become aware of something there.

25cm long, I was concerned that when they all went in it would cause great discomfort. It was surprising, therefore, when I heard "that's all of them" and instead had a pleasant feeling of fullness. But that was the only feeling I got from the beads. Although there is a slight bend in their form, they did not come close to hitting the P-spot.

There are no blemishes in the surface, meaning no unwanted scratches and easy cleaning. As with all anal toys, hot soapy water is the best way to get them clean.

As a comfortable introduction to anal play these beads are perfect. They won't drive you wild, but they do provide good, simple fun and, if you discover that this isn't really your thing, well you've only spent £3.99 haven't you?

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