Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review #2: Pulsatron

The 'famous' Pulsatron vibrator looks vaguely medical with its white plastic casing and pulse sign logo. You actually get three vibrators for your money, each of them to be connected to a small (about the size of a pack of cards) power unit. Whoever wields this holds the power in more than one sense - with this you can also select seven different vibration levels, from a gentle buzz, to random short sharp thrills, to a very powerful constant vibe.

If you're in a sharing mood the Pulsatron has the ability to drive a girl wild. The small bullet shaped vibrator is perfect for focusing on the clit. With the ability to start slow and build to that frenzied level seven it's easy to orchestrate a screaming orgasm.

Once you've got her looking at you in wonderment show her the largest vibrator. At about 10 cm long, and slightly crooked like a beckoning finger, this toy is made for prostate fun (although it also has a soft rubber sheath, if you're being a really good lover who wants to continue pleasuring his lady). With it's gently curved tip it slides into the ass easily and finds that magical spot almost straight away.

Apart from this prostate massage and the small bullet vibe, the mama bear of this particular family is a 6cm elongated egg shape. We couldn't work out who this was for so we both gave it a go. It was too basic a shape to do anything for me, although it did have a pleasant thickness. But she seemed to enjoy it, in a penetrative sense. It lacked the precision vibes of the bullet, but it worked well when inserted into her, thanks to the smooth shape and those seven levels of heaven.

This package also comes with a cock ring type attachment. This can be slipped over the prostate vibe to entertain the clit. We tried it briefly but the bullet was just too good. 

There's a downside to this wonder toy. The wires and seams in the toys make it hard to clean, and you have to be especially careful when cleaning them in water as the wires enter the vibrators through unsealed holes. 

You can now get this exciting little package for around £40. Make sure you have good, thick walls though. Not only do the more powerful settings make a hell of a racket, when this toy is on full blast so will you.

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