Monday, 7 January 2013

Aphrodite's arrow

There's a part of the human body that I find more sensual than any other. Genitalia, boobs and bum are, of course, wonderful and provide endless entertainment. I could stare at these parts of G's body for hours and be a very happy man, but instead they always spur me into action. I can look for about a minute, but I cannot stop myself from getting my hands on them.

The part I'm thinking of, that oozes sex appeal, that advertises the possibility of pleasures to be had is called...well, annoyingly, I can't find a name. I can find the medical term for the bone beneath - the iliac - but not the lovely part on the surface.

It begins either side of the navel, a small dip in the abdomen that moves inwards and down to the groin. It accentuates the top of thighs and seems to me like an extension of the genital area, except it is entirely visible when wearing underwear or swimwear.

The pointing shape of it, the promise of what can be found at the end are what make it so incredibly sexy. Until someone can find a name, or come up with a better one than mine, I'm going to call it the abdominal arrow.


Aphrodite's Arrow sounds much better, still don't know the actual name though.


They're apparently called obliques. Prefer my name.

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