Monday, 21 January 2013

Wet in the wild

The other day I visited the New Forest. I had asked to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere so that I could get myself lost and trek towards a train station I knew to be in...that direction.

Eventually I ended up in some woods that seemed familiar. Now I remembered. This is where G and I had come early on in our relationship. It had been a hot summer day and we were feeling more than a little frisky. I had my hand on her bum, squeezing it every now and then, marvelling at how this gorgeous creature was mine to feel and ogle.

It had been summer and it had been warm. I was wandering what sort of kinky things this girl was willing to try when she said to me "Let's have sex." I almost ripped her clothes off there and then but decided instead to get off the path first.

In a secluded spot I took off my shirt and lay it down for her to lie on. I pulled her t-shirt off over her head then reached around and unclasped her bra. I spent a while caressing her tits and licking her nipples. My hands found the buttons of her jeans and undid them slowly. The tight jeans were slid over her bum and off her legs. She stood naked except for a black lace g string.

I knelt before her and groped her smooth curvy butt. Unable to resist any longer I gently relieved her of her underwear. This beautiful woman now was perfectly naked in the great outdoors. Her pussy, shaved but for a small patch of light brown hair, invited kisses and a minute of licking. I picked her up and lay her down.

Hastily removing my trousers and boxers I carefully guided my hard cock into her. G announced that she was uncomfortable on the ground and so we swapped positions. Now, with her on top, I could play with the tight aperture of her ass whilst being mesmerised by her large bouncing tits.

At that moment a train had roared past no more than 10 metres away. I wanted to carry on but G was uncomfortable - she hadn't yet developed her exhibitionist side. We dressed and sought out the path again. But I wasn't done yet.

We found a clearing in the forest. This time I didn't undress. Instead I turned to face G and met her lips with mine. My tongue danced around hers, probed into her mouth. Again her top came off, again her bra was removed, again I took immense pleasure in removing her jeans and knickers. Wearing just her trainers, G put her arms behind her back and thrust out her tits.

Suddenly my mouth was all over her, lips mapping the contours of her body and savouring the texture of her smooth, soft skin. My kisses, licks and nibbles travelled up the inside of her thighs. She knew what was coming and sighed loudly in anticipation. I kissed the tantalising triangle between her legs, parted her lips and flicked at the folds within with my glistening tongue.

The white orb of her clit appeared and was welcomed by my hungry desire. I moved my hands from her exposed butt and slid a finger into her pussy. Then two, eventually three. Her legs had spread to give herself entirely to my thrusting fingers. 

Faster and faster I fucked her like this. Harder, harder. I had to support her weight with my other arm as she surrendered to me. Squeals of pleasure followed and still I did not stop. 

One hand on her ass, the other busily penetrating her pussy a jet of clear liquid squirted from this beautiful girl, covering my arm. She screamed in delight then, after a minute, looked in horror at what I had done to her. She quickly dressed.

On the way out of the forest I explained that it was perfectly normal, and that I was honoured that I was the first man to make her squirt. She held me closer.

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