Sunday, 24 February 2013

Leashed and mine

G had been out of the country for work since Tuesday. On Saturday morning I laid out the plan. 

"This evening you're going to put on your black lacy Agent Provocateur underwear, your strappiest heals and your collar and leash."

The room was luxuriously warm and lit by candles. Goldfrapp pulsed from the speakers. I reclined on the sofa with a rum and coke and watched my gorgeous girl dance. She writhed to the music, running her hands over her barely-covered flesh, teasingly squeezing her bum. I took hold of her leash and pulled her to me for a long kiss.

"How much are you mine?" I asked.

Having watched her perform for me for a couple of tunes I unbuttoned my jeans and again pulled her to me with her leash. She deliberately avoided my cock so I forced her onto my lap. I swatted her bare butt, spanked her gently, humiliating her. Having turned her delicious bum slightly red I caressed and stroked her there.

"Now, what do you prefer? Spanking or stroking?"

She didn't answer and so I spanked her again.

"Spanking or stroking?"
"Good. And do you want me to stroke your pussy later?"
"Then be a good girl."

I ordered her to dance for me again, and again I was entranced by her beauty. I took hold of her leash and pulled her before me. She knelt and sucked me, her big blue eyes looking into mine. I pulled her up for another kiss then pushed her back down to pleasure me more.

Taking hold of her leash I pulled her up and made her sit sideways on my lap. I unclasped her bra, then slowly slid the straps from her shoulders. Her juicy tits pointed up for me to take them into my mouth. Minutes passed as I savoured those beautiful blooms, but I wanted to see her dance again.

Her long legs slowly swayed and wiggled to the beat, her hands playing with her tits. Once again I drew her to me, made her turn around and face away. Taking the sides of her tiny thong in my hands I pulled it down over her compliant butt, tracing its journey with kisses and licks.

"Show me your pussy."

She did as she was ordered and I marvelled at the smooth triangle between her legs and at the sensuous lips within. She yielded to my gentle touch. My god, what an incredible, sexy, miraculous creature. Naked but for her heels, collar and leash she danced, her breasts bouncing, her arse swaying from side to side, her pussy ever so slightly parting before closing again as she undulated.

"On the sofa, on your back, legs apart."

I guided her with the leash then got to my knees as if to worship her sensual form. She was now wide open before me, but I ignored that inviting pink opening. Instead I kissed, licked and gently bit the backs of her things, her stomach and breasts. She groaned as I slowly approached her most sensitive part. At last I kissed her there. A long, lingering kiss that tasted slightly salty, slightly creamy. 

My tongue penetrated her then flicked up to tease out her clit. I looked up over her breasts to see that her eyes were closed. She therefore didn't see me reach for a vibrator. My tongue returned to her juicy opening. I twisted on the vibrator and held it to her clit. She let out a deep sigh and thrust forward to give more of herself to me.

Licking her clit, blowing softly on her clit and increasing the vibes on her clit she grew wetter and wetter and I lapped at her juices. I could tell she was close to orgasm.

"How much are you mine?" I asked again.

She didn't answer. Instead she screamed with pleasure, unleashing yet more delicious ooze and pushing away the vibrator from her clit. She lay still for a few minutes as I moved to her and held her in my arms.

"I'm yours, 99% yours." She at last said.

At last I had tamed her wild spirit. I guided her into the 69 position and, as she devoured my cock I satisfied myself with her pussy and tight anus. The sex that followed dripped with passion. My hands were all over her, my mouth on her tits, my finger probing her butt as my cock plunged deep inside.

Many, many hours after she had first begun her beguiling dance I filled her with lashings of cum, pumped from my throbbing manhood.

There are so many details of last night that I have missed out. I simply do not have the capacity to describe the wondrousness of what occurred. G is mine, my dancing princess with a body to enchant and draw out the deepest pleasure from within me. 

How wonderful it would be to share her. How wonderful it would be to see the pleasure I bring to her in another's eyes.

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