Sunday, 3 February 2013

Stepping out

Well, what a weekend. It began on Friday evening. A lady whom I greatly admire and consider to be one of the most welcoming people I've ever met invited me to the opening of her photo exhibition at Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium in Hoxton.

Molly is a very talented blogger (she runs the popular Sinful Sunday as well as a number of other delightful things) and photographer and the majority of her images feature her gorgeous self. Her pictures are on sale at the shop for one month, I highly recommend that you go and take a look.

As well as having the pleasure of meeting Molly in person, I also met her Master and a number of other good folk I have come to know on Twitter over the past year. To a person they were all most friendly and refreshingly like-minded. Unlike your average photo exhibition this was held in a space selling dildos, collars, whips and other assorted kinkery. We all, at some point, sampled some of the products.

It was an enjoyable evening and I'm very excited for Molly. What a pleasure to at last meet my online friends.

On Saturday night I met many of them again, at the Erotic Meet. This gathering of creatives was a chance to meet more of the inhabitants of this fun community, as well as get numerous tips for progressing  mine and G's adventure. The Ohh My team were there. I'm hoping to do some sex toy reviews for them, and it was fascinating to hear about where their business has come from and where it's going (far, I'm sure).

The organiser, Annie, her boyfriend and every single other person around the table was a delight. I can't wait to meet them all again at the next event.

It felt like a big step, coming away from my on-screen persona and presenting myself in the flesh. But I am so very glad that I did. My life just became that little bit richer.

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