Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The picture

The picture evoked a reaction like no other had before. I had never previously  so desperately wanted to step into an image. Let me describe it for you:

A dozen men, all in their late twenties, maybe early thirties, all dressed in suits, smiling and looking very pleased with themselves. One of them is standing at the front. In his hand are three leashes. At the other end of the leashes, surrounded by the men, stood three women. They were about the same age as the men and wore thin collars attached to the leashes. They also wore leather harnesses, which left their breasts, bums and vaginas bare.

Clothed male naked female (CMNF) is a strand of kink which turns me on immensely. I often enjoy a situation where G is wearing nothing whilst I'm fully clothed, taking in her curves. I also get a huge kick out of clothed female naked male (CFNM), and am more than happy to strip for G (or anyone else who asks) for her viewing pleasure.

It is the fantasy of power which I think is what does it for me. Women (or men) viewed as a commodity to be used for whichever pleasure men (or women) choose. Whomever is naked also holds a great deal of power with the knowledge that their naked flesh can mesmerise the audience.

This picture in particular, which has caused a big 'Yes, THAT' switch to flick on in my mind, most likely has similarities with a hundred other such images. The main difference with this one, though, was that those in it did not look like porn actors. They didn't look like they did this every day or were bored, waiting for the next gig. The situation looked natural, not posed. The men were genuinely delighted, the women genuinely confident with a tinge of embarrassment.

I would love to be part of an event where my G would be stripped and collared for the enjoyment of other men. G is less sure about this, and therefore, obviously, it's not something I'm going to push.

But she seems open to the reverse CFNM situation. Yes, she considers my body to be all hers, but she appears willing to share the view with other females.  It's something which I know I would enjoy, the difficulty, of course, is finding such an event, and finding the right people who we can trust to make it as friendly and relaxed as possible. We are on the look out.

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