Sunday, 17 March 2013

G is away

G is away. She goes away at lot for work. I'm quite the horn monster when she's around, but even more so when she's away. It really is a case of wanting what I can't have. 

So, how do I cope with this (apart from the obvious)? Usually, I buy underwear, occasionally for myself, mainly for G. Agent Provocateur benefits greatly from G's sojourns, however, sometimes when I'm feeling particularly horny I'll buy her the teensiest tiniest thong.

The enjoyment, you see, is picturing her wearing whatever it is I see on screen. When I was single the girls I saw on screen remained entirely 2D. Now I have the joy of having my very own, beautiful real-life model. Anticipation is a wonderful thing but nothing beats having G return and slip into whatever it is I've bought her for me to enjoy.

Now, what can I get her this time...

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