Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review: Tenga 3D

Now this is special. A piece of art that you can put your cock into. It's immediately apparent that this toy is something special, displayed in a thick plastic cylinder. It is also a design wonder. If Star Wars ever featured a sex toy, this is what it would look like.

The Tenga 3D comes in five forms:


I have Pile. Wait, that sounds wrong. Anyway, Pile consists of 4.75 inches of soft, white stretchy plastic covered on the outside in textured triangles small and compact at the base, getting bigger towards the top. The design, whilst compelling to look at, also serves a purpose, that being to harmonise 'soft and hard sensations'.

Finger test. Does it feel like the real thing? Yes, very, amazingly, similar. If a bit cold. The Tenga 3D can be warmed up by popping it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes unless of course, necrophilia is your thing. It's not mine, but when I took it out the water the intricate design made the outside rather soggy. A towel got rid of most of the water.

98% of robots recommend it: the Tenga 3D
Once the toy had been lubed I entered it. Uncanny. It felt almost exactly like entering a real woman - soft, squidgy and velvety. The 3D design on the outside provided wonderful, stimulating textures, though the 'hard and soft' promised was mainly just soft. It's important to ensure all the air is squeezed out so that the toy is able to cling to you as tightly as possible.

With a sensation as electrifying as this you'll want to take it slow and thoroughly enjoy the feeling. This is difficult as the Tenga 3D is very adept at hitting all the right spots in just the right ways. It also makes lovely squelchy sounds and expands and bulges around your cock (it can accommodate all sizes).

So, it all sounds wonderful, right? Well, not quite. The intricate design makes it slightly difficult to get a proper grip and it's slightly uncomfortable for this uncircumcised man. The inability to give yourself a good tight squeeze means that the orgasm wasn't all that great. These toys are also messy, with lube (supplied in a small sachet) drooling everywhere.

It's very easy to invert, rinse and dry. There's a clever stand on which the Tenga 3D sits to dry thoroughly and hygienically. The toy, it's container and this stand all point to high quality and the sturdy material will ensure the good times will keep on rolling.

Although the orgasm won't blow you away the enjoyment to be had until climax makes this a good toy to have in your collection. With all the lubey mess involved it's worth getting naked and making an evening of it. Plus, of course, it looks good enough to keep on your mantelpiece, next to the lightsabers.

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