Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The soundtracks of sex

When we're in the mood, this is what we like to get down to:

Pulp (A Different Class)
I'm feeling frisky like a dirty old man and G keeps bending over in her pencil skirt. Perfect music for when I want to fuck like a perv who got lucky

Air (Moon Safari)
Mon amour, you are looking particularly delectable this evening. Lights out, candles lit, hot bodies grinding slowly together with tongues used to great effect...this could go on alllll night (is that the third time Sexy Boy has been on?)

Green Day (American Idiot)
Dirty, fast, hard over-excited-teenaged-boy type fucking

Goldfrapp (any album)
I'm going to watch you strip then you're going to dance for me. My hands all over your body as you writhe and sway in time to the music. The sex will be slow and sensual and I'll make love to you and treat you like the goddess you are

What are your favourite sex tunes?

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