Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Going it alone

I don't like 'from the heart' posts. Blogs, I find, are rather impersonal and, although I try, talking to you here is not in any way how I would talk to you in person. But let's give this a go anyway.

G and I have been married now for two years, we have been in a relationship for much longer. Our wedding was not conventional and our relationship clearly isn't so either. I love her, more so every day. Our plans of sharing everything and everyone have, however, faltered. She is wary of enjoying a kink lifestyle in the city where she lives, where there is a small, tiny risk of running into someone she knows whilst only wearing a thong. Our public kink will have to be limited to overnight trips out of town.

So, she is letting go of my leash and pushing me alone into the big kinky world with a slap on my bum. We will still be married, live together and love each other as much as we ever did. It's just that this is something I will be doing by myself, having been greatly encouraged by the wonderful people I have met. There will continue to be no secrets and, of course, time with G always comes first. Should she ever change her mind then I will be returning myself to her and her alone.

Now, time to adjust some profiles. Opinions, and guidance, would be most welcome.


  1. Sounds like a brave and bold and well thought out move on both your parts. The is to do it together, even if that is doing 'apart' together...not sure that sentence makes sense but it is the best words I got for it right now.


    1. Thanks Molly. That sentence perfectly describes how we both feel.

      O xxx

  2. How wonderful that every step of the way there is discussion, compromise, selflessness, and love.

  3. You and your lovely wife are obviously brave people, and I admire that. I also wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my poem "When the Hand Talks Back", and didn't know another way.