Monday, 17 June 2013

Review: Gun Oil Stroke 29

The first thing I notice is the funny smell. Quick check of the ingredients...'Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis', which is sweet almond oil. Take note allergy sufferers. Gun Oil Stroke 29 is designed to melt after the 29th 'stroke'. I squirt the thick white cream onto my fingers and then applied it to my, er, gun.

Pumping my weapon I am reminded of the promise that this cream may make me forget I am 'using [my] own hand'. Very not true. There is no denying who's touching who here - this isn't a miracle/numbing cream. Apparently sitting on your hand can provide that particular sensation. 

Back to the matter in hand. This cream is so slippery I can barely grasp the thing. Unfortunately this makes the whole exercise very difficult and much less enjoyable. It's messy, too. The best way to try and enjoy it would be to strip off entirely and keep a towel handy. Bear in mind that once it's on your hands it's hard to get off.

But, sure enough, around the 29th stroke (I wasn't really counting), body heat and friction has caused the cream to melt into baby oil consistency. This provides the one good thing about this cream; nice, smooth strokes free of any painful friction. Oh, I would imagine it's good for the skin too, as it contains aloe vera which will no doubt be vigorously rubbed in.

I ended up having to wipe a lot of the cream off as it greatly hindered what I was trying to achieve. This greasy mess did nothing to enhance the experience. It may be enjoyable to use with a partner as it could then make a decent lube. It could also be a good alternative to baby oil, the initial cream consistency being much easier to transport.

As a masturbation enhancer this cream fails miserably. It detracts from any pleasure, and therefore I would recommend that you avoid this product.

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