Thursday, 29 August 2013


We're currently doing a house renovation, which means big, abandoned room, dangling wires and exposed pipes. The first thing I thought of when I saw those pipes was "I should handcuff G to those".

Sure enough the next night G and I are in the largest room. The electricity has been cut and so just a torch illuminates the space. Wearing strappy black heels, stockings and a see-through bodice my gorgeous girl strode to the pipe and looked expectantly at me. I walked up to her then handcuffed her hands to the pipe above her head.

Her bare arse was now mine to do what I wished with. I undid the bodice, slipped it over her breasts, pulled the string down from between her cheeks. I pushed apart her glorious bum, exposing her tight anus and pink pussy. 

I stroked, fondled and fingered. I licked, pinched and tongued. Her groans echoed around the bare room. The handcuffs bore mor and more of her weight as she gave more and more of herself to me. Silky slickness coated my fingers as I exorcised a powerful orgasm from her squirming naked body.

What would the builders think if they knew what we got up to at night?

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