Monday, 16 September 2013


London Alternative Market is one of many monthly events that I've been meaning to go to for ages, but only just got around to visiting. My timing was good; this was London Fetish Weekend (the more fun of the two LFWs) and this was a particularly large version of the Market.

Inside was a cornucopia of excellent craftsmanship. Perfectly tailored latex, imaginative toys and more wonderfully kinky people than you could shake a flogger at. Talking of which...I bought a lovely red flogger, along with a colourful glass butt plug (picture below).

I unexpectedly ran into several of my most favourite people too. It pleases me no end how well acquainted I've become with some of the members of this community in a relatively short space of time - long may it continue.

After the market I met with a Twitter friend and we had some great conversations, leaving me plenty to think about and realise how the kink side of me is developing. Although I enjoy being a sub, it's becoming apparent that I get the most out of being a Dom, and that this is the role in which I can offer much more.

That evening I christened G with the flogger. She isn't into pain, and I knew this when I bought the leathery toy. Instead I wanted to brush her bare naked skin with the multiple fronds. She loved it, sighing with delight as strands of suede played along her pussy, which she'd presented to me on her hands and knees.

The butt plug...well let's let her think about that one for a little longer...

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