Sunday, 27 October 2013

A fantasy

I am 90% Dom. This may anger those who believe you can't be anything but completely Dom, but I 100% don't care. The remaining 10% is pretty subby and I, on occasion, enjoy CFNM and being objectified. 

A conversation with a friend inspired me to mentally explore a fantasy. It's a fantasy that only works whilst I'm still youngish, and whilst I still have a body to be proud of (time is running out...!)

I'm amongst a small gathering of women. We're chatting and drinking. I'm the only man there and I'm naked, for their viewing pleasure. There is no humiliation, only enjoyment. If they want to touch then they can, and do. 

I serve them drinks, give them massages and receive the same in return. My cock gets the occasional fondle, lick or suck, my arse gets squeezed, pinched and explored. Whilst one kisses me passionately another enjoys wrapping her lips around my manhood.

It's an enjoyable time with friends and we all take immense pleasure from the situation.

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