Saturday, 7 December 2013

Role reversal

How I wish the way in which men and women think could be reversed. That desires and motivations were switched, perhaps not forever (I have no desire to get the unwanted, sometimes forceful attention women get), but long enough to satisfy my curiosity and desires.

To have Nature on your side in the chase, to hold the power contained in curves, to be the sex that is put on the pedestal...would be a most welcome experience.

Yes, I know that for a few women seeing a man in a suit, or jeans and a t-shirt, is as intoxicating as it is for me to see a beautiful lady in a figure-hugging dress, miniskirt or tight jeans. But this is just a few women; the exception rather than the rule.

I want to walk down a corridor and know that the women behind me are staring at my ass. I want to guarantee sex just by wearing certain clothes. I want to pick and choose whichever sexual delight I like because I'll know there are women out there who are gagging to do anything with me.

I'm beginning to discover that the female of the species can be as kinky than the male, if not more so. I can come into a room wearing certain underwear and G can't help herself from ripping them off. I want to be objectified daily in every day situations!


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    1. I bet you do, and there's many, many things about being a male that I love too. But to know first-hand why it's so great to be female would be an irresistible opportunity.

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