Sunday, 29 December 2013

Your favourite part of the body

Someone for whom I have great respect was recently lambasted for starting a discussion about what people like best about the male body. Accusations of being shallow when talking about the human body in such a way are, frankly, pathetic.

If the comment was along the lines of 'the only thing a man is good for is his...' then that would be a different matter. Yes, the mind is a beautiful thing and can be just as sexy as anatomy. But there should be absolutely no shame in pointing out what we like about others' bodies. 

My wife is a genius Oxford grad and by god does she have magnificent breasts. I would be curious to know what others thought about me, and welcome my wife telling me what part (or parts) of my body is her favourite. 

So, tuck that feeling of embarrassment away, ignore the prudes and celebrate the human body. It is a miraculous and aesthetically awesome thing that should be the basis of great discussions and discovery.

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