Friday, 10 January 2014

Why bother

At times the choice I've made can be so painful. I'm a man in an open marriage trying to find others to share sexual adventures. This presents numerous problems, most importantly:

- Women don't chase men for sex very often at all
- Very few people understand open marriages

The above facts make for a near-unsurmountable challenge and I'm not sure how much more patience I have to pursue this. G won't join me on this adventure (I understand why) and this makes things considerably harder; I'm facing this as a single man, and therefore near worthless. 

So, I persist or find a way to suppress this damn testosterone and accept that I won't fulfil certain desires. One last thing; I don't ever forget how very fortunate I am to be married to my beautiful, occasionally kinky girl.


  1. My husband and myself have discussed opening up our marriage, our issue would be even further complicated in that the military will arrest and ruin your career if you have an affair - even one the spouse approves of.

    1. That's a pretty harsh policy. But then, I suppose, life is harsh.

      O x