Sunday, 16 March 2014

A fairly decent proposal

The most recent poll that I ran on the side of this blog indicated that the vast majority of you find the idea of standing naked in a room full of appreciative members of the opposite sex (I neglected to give a same-sex option, apologies for that) to be of interest. One fortunate reader had actually done this.

I am an exhibitionist, but only for audiences that will appreciate what they see. I find the idea of 'accidentally' presenting my naked body to unsuspecting people to be entirely seedy, to put it mildly. I like the idea of being objectified, to be seen as a decorative item, there to please others.

Of course, to be appreciated I feel that my body should be aesthetically pleasing. To that end I stay slim, swim and cycle daily and generally stay active so that my muscles remain defined, my legs toned and my bum firm. Although this takes effort, this isn't the hard part.

The challenge and frustration is finding that roomful of the opposite sex who would genuinely gain great pleasure from having me in their midst. Yes, I'm not shy about getting my kit off, but I am rather reluctant to be forward about such a thing. To invite this situation seems to defeat the purpose of being the object.

So there we have it; an exhibitionist's catch-22. Of course, should anyone need a naked male object, you know where to ask...

(By the way, this is a rare sub part of me. I seem to be growing ever more Dom, but need to get certain things out the way first)


  1. Maybe your next poll should be "being naked in a room full of the same sex"? You'd probably get some wildly different answers.

    I have a bit of trouble with male changing rooms. I'm not sure why, but I always manipulate my pants and trousers with the aid of a strategically-held towel. I've never actually (in living memory, anyway) had my penis out in a changing room - despite the fact that I like swimming, etc., I'm always slightly nervous to change if there's anyone else there.

    This doesn't apply to changing in a booth on my own with a significant other there - or even in a family changing room, really! - but I'd still feel a bit strange about doing this anywhere. I was always uncertain about school swimming sessions, in which all the other boys were quite brazen with their cocks!

    1. I am certain I would get wildly different answers (and would have to put myself in the 'Do it all the time' box).

      Getting naked in male changing rooms no longer bothers me, but can still be a bit awkward and I never linger. There are always a couple of older gents strolling around in the buff or, sometimes, just sitting there naked for no particular reason. Very awkward.

      I've grown increasingly proud of my body but have no need to show it off in front of those who aren't interested. I'd find it uncomfortable to be get changed in a family changing room because, even though I think bodies are works of art, there is still something hugely sexual about being nude.