Saturday, 8 March 2014


Language is a rich and wonderful thing. How on earth did we end up with 'penis' and 'vagina' for the most wonderful parts of the body? Vagina? Sounds like a medical condition;"I'm sorry, you have vagina, here's some pills for that." Penis always sounds like it should be shouted; "PENIS!".

Vagina comes from the Latin word for sheath, or scabbard. Wow. I did some messing about on Google Translate and came up with awful alternatives, but one caught my eye in a good way; 'delectatio', or 'delight' in English. How much more poetic would it have been if the Roman Committee For Coming Up With Words had chosen that?

Apparently 'penis' comes from the Latin for 'tail'. Whoever came up with that must have been one very confused Roman. For me, and I'm sure for most men, my cock is a source of pride. A bit of translation fiddling and the result for 'the pride' is 'superbia' in Latin.

"Darling, I wish to see your superbia."
"Very well, dear, but only if you let me enjoy your delectatio afterwards."

Much better.


  1. Why not just call them Pride and Delight?

  2. Why not just cal them Pride and Delight?

  3. Good question; I didn't want to use words that are already in existence in the English language so as to avoid confusion