Monday, 12 May 2014

Underwear removal

How do you step out of your underwear? It's hard, when pulling off my boxers, not to keep my legs together and do a little wriggling. This is the easiest way of getting undressed.

This is also what gender stereotypes would expect of women; standing before a man, one leg slightly bent, wiggling as her knickers slowly slide down. Stereotypical man isn't allowed such feminine moves.

So how does stereotypical man undress? I can't seem to think of a sexy way for a man to step out of his boxers in the same seductive way as a woman. Suggestions?


  1. Undress entirely apart from your pants, then pull them down your legs and step out of them with your left foot. They should still be on your right foot.

    Kick your right foot into the air so your pants sail into a graceful arc. Catch them with a free hand and slam-dunk them into your laundry basket.

    It's not sexy, but it makes you feel awesome.

    1. I do! I do that! I do feel awesome! For some reason, though, this never drives my lady wild with lust.