Thursday, 17 July 2014


I have, at last, reached the editing stage of my first erotic novella. It's going to be around 40,000 words long and follows the story of a submissive man owned by a powerful lady and enjoyed by her friends. Here's an extract:

"Every now and then Penny paused to look her man in the eyes before meeting his lips with hers, his cock still firmly in her grasp. Two minutes to go. Lee was so well trained, and Penny was such an expert on his body, that she could make him cum exactly when she wanted. That moment was now and so, two fingers from one hand teasing his prostrate, the other hand toying with his balls and her lips clamped around the head of his shaft, she sucked out his warm juices.

Lee had been instructed to enjoy himself and to act exactly how he felt. His unbridled ecstasy sounded so very sexy to the voyeurs. His grunts and groans loud, his submissive body given entirely to his mistress. She allowed a few tiny drops of cum to spill from her mouth to enhance the intimacy then, for the last 30 seconds, kissed her man deeply in absolute silence."

When it's ready and published I'll be sure to let you know.

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