Saturday, 5 July 2014

Men's underwear

The time has come again for me to shop for new underwear for myself. G usually buys me boxer shorts but she isn't around today and I'm bored.

It can be difficult finding good, sexy boxers. So many manufacturers think that men's underwear is ripe for comic book characters, cartoon animals and other such 'amusing' images. I don't want amusing images on my crotch. The last thing men want is their audience laughing when trousers are dropped.

Give me something short, tight and fairly plain. I want her to focus on my butt and bulge, not trying to read what Superman is saying.


  1. What man wears beneath his trousers
    Women confide, seldom arouses

    Silken briefs or satin thong
    Will make her giggle loud and long

    Of course, you’lll never stand a chance
    in saggy, Y-front underpants

    Wear boxer shorts, ideally plain
    (Not Disney, cartoons are a pain

    in the bum) Tartan only for the Scots
    No stars and stripes, no polka dots

    No union jacks or football logos
    Phallic jokes? Definitely no-noes

    Regard your underwear as a friendly go-between
    So teach it manners, and above all, keep it clean.

    ~ Roger McGough

    1. Fantastic; I'm thinking this should be my new anthem (set to the tune of Bananaman)