Friday, 7 November 2014

Fantasy alley

"Ahead of time, do you consider kink talk on a first date acceptable?"

I stuck to my usual post-work swim but kept it short to give me plenty of time to get to my meeting place with S. I'm a meticulous planner and so knew exactly where I was going. I was wrong, which resulted in me turning the wrong way on the street - I hate Shoreditch. Having felt composed after leaving the gym I eventually arrived at the Blues Kitchen feeling dishevelled because:

1. I was slightly late. I hate being late
2. She had sent me that wonderfully bold text message about kink talk
3. The girl I was meeting, S, turned out to be a real beauty
4. I hate Shoreditch

We briefly took each other in then made our introductions. Inside we grabbed a quick drink before settling down for some food next door in the Diner. Our conversation was unforced but, because we had to share a table with another couple, not yet kinky.

Back to the Blues Kitchen, more drinks, more getting to know each other. Discussions about our open relationships, how Dom/sub we are, how active on the scene etc. S had suggested we come here for the band which now took to the stage. Despite it being a busy Thursday we managed to get a table at the front and, despite the music being fantastic, S proved to be entirely too distracting.

The flirting intensified. She had excellent dress sense, the pretty bow in her hair matching her tight top. My eyes lingered on the swell of her breasts, not caring if I was noticed.

"What fantasies do you have?" She asked.

I listed a few. Nothing extreme - not because I was afraid of putting her off, but because I'm not into anything particularly extreme. I asked her the same question. For the first time S became shy. She procrastinated, the band got louder and I let the question go for now, but insisted on an answer soon.

On her return from the bathroom I asked again, keeping my eyes locked on hers. She giggled, smiled and at last looked back at me.

"It's a fantasy that came to me this week. I imagined meeting someone on Thursday who would fuck me in an alley."

She said this quickly and we continued to look at each other. Suddenly I didn't notice the crowd.

"Let's go." I said, after momentarily being taken aback.

I led her through the braying suits of Shoreditch and out into the street. She mentioned that she'd spotted a potential place on her way here. Someone more organised than me? Incredible.

We spent about ten minutes trying to find the street, or any other suitable location. I had a sense of which direction might be best and, sure enough, we found a very long alley, open at both ends but with no passing traffic and no CCTV. Halfway along we stopped and I pulled her in for a long kiss.

I spun her around and pushed her into a shallow recess. I lifted her skirt then together we fumbled away her underwear and stockings. Gently I pushed on her shoulders so that she had to brace herself against the wall, her back arched. Slowly I lowered myself and gazed at the magnificent naked bum before me.

My tongue delved in to sample her. Delicious. I stood, my eyes constantly darting to the ends of the alley where men would occasionally wander in to relieve themselves. Suddenly I felt incredibly protective, almost proprietorial. I tried to hide her nakedness, preparing myself should someone approach. "She's mine" I wanted to say but, although there was always brief interest from the men, we were left alone. Plus I suspected that S didn't mind being seen.

Assessing her with my hands I discovered a freshly shaved, and very wet, pussy. My fingers slipped inside and a most exquisite sigh escaped her lips. Because it had been so tantalisingly presented to me my thumb found its way into her hot, tight arse. Some light spanks occupied my other hand, my hardness pressed against her thigh.

"I want your cum in my throat." She moaned after I had toyed with her for a while.

I do like a submissive who knows what she wants. I eventually obliged and guided her to her knees, her glistening holes now exposed to any drunken man who happened by. I quickly unbuckled and unfastened and fed her my cock. Her lips and tongue got to work on sucking out my cream. It was a challenging situation; I was slightly tipsy, it was now quite cold and I had to stop my thoughts from turning to what would happen if we were caught.

"Show me your tits."

A crudely-phrased demand, but this was a fucking fantastically crude situation and it seemed the right thing to say. I groped and squeezed and she licked and slurped. I made her stand again, teased her juicy holes with my tip before once more guiding her to her knees.

Wanting to be in even more control of the situation I pulled back and masturbated just centimetres from her mouth. When I allowed her to swallow me in again I took hold of her hair. She looked up.

There was no longer an alley, no longer any cold. S has big, beautiful eyes and the sight of these sweetly looking up at me as she gorged on my cock made my blood rush and my world tilt. A few more seconds and then she was gulping me down, my loud sighs echoing from the walls.

I helped her to her feet and we hastily covered ourselves. I kissed her, tasting myself on her lips, then, arm in arm, we floated out of that grimy alley on a cloud of joy and fulfilment.

A commendable fantasy which I am very happy to have helped achieve. But the downside was that I didn't get to fully appreciate and objectify this stunning girl in complete nakedness. I would have liked hours to discover her.

On the way to the station we bumped into some young holidaying Icelandic lads who innocently asked if we knew of any nearby strip clubs.

"No," I replied, "but I don't need a strip club." I looked deeply into S's eyes and we both knew that she would play with me again and I would get that chance to fully enjoy her body.