Sunday, 16 November 2014

Male sex toy survey

My latest survey asked:

Men's sex toys:

Need much improvement - 27%
Have never used one - 18%
Feel fantastic - 0%
Are great fun to use on him - 45%
Look ridiculous - 0%
Yuck - 9%

It's good to see that the majority enjoy using sex toys on their man. In my case I think it can be empowering for my partner to play with me in this way. But I also very much agree that men's toys need a lot of improvement.

I was once asked to review a vibrating toy which took the form of a ring that slipped just beyond the head of the penis. It wasn't shaped to look like a mouth (I find such toys comic rather than sexy), it looked like it would hit exactly the right spot plus it didn't cover up too much flesh; something my wife would have liked as she enjoys looking at my cock when she plays.

Unfortunately the toy company didn't ever get back to me but I hope they are a success and more toys like this reach the market.


  1. I've been asked to review sex toys occasionally - initially by Durex who sent me some condoms which extended to cock rings, including one with glitter in it; in more recent years, I was asked to review some more popular ones such as the REV 1000 and the ever-popular Pulse toy. I don't mean to be the guy who is known for giving bad reviews, but I think I probably am.

    I do think that sex toys for men need improvement, but then I've no idea what can actually be improved - I've never tried one that goes up the rectum (nor do I wish to do so), but all the toys I've tried that go on or around the penis tend to end up not working - either they're too small (I have a longish penis that's relatively thick when erect), too weak (I also have a quite insensitive penis) or too loud (I make love to girls, not pneumatic drills). Most of them, even with a bucketload of lube, tend to end up hurting - which I'm sure is not the intention.

    I've never had someone use one on me, however - this may well be empowering, but I'd probably feel really nervous in that sort of situation, and that's certainly not going to get me off!

    1. The toy which I referred to above was indeed a Pulse. I didn't ever get to try it and, having read your review, not sure I'm particularly keen either. Your experience certainly points to the need for much more effort and imagination in male toys (bar anal toys; I've had good times with them).

      Being toyed by someone else is definitely an experience worth having but probably good to try with someone you trust...nervousness is definitely not a turn on!