Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A reflection

I don't like to list things that I'm hopeful for, or want to achieve in the year ahead. What will be will, after all, be. I do, however, like to reflect on the year I just lived, laughed and loved through.

I'm grateful for all the incredibly diverse humans I met around the world, for the wonderful folk I've become so acquainted with via this blog and Twitter and for the inspirational space scientists, Ebola volunteers and sexual freedom campaigners who I may never meet but who have me in awe.

To everyone who helped me publish my first erotica book, who encouraged me to buy latex, who gave me tattoo advice; another heartfelt 'thank you'. To the beautiful subs who have joined me in my discoveries; you are exquisite, fascinating and so incredibly sexy. 2015 now seems so full of promise.

G and I have been together now for 12 years and I swear she grows prettier by the day. She is all of the things I have mentioned above and so much more as well. My goddess, my genius and my very best pal, life is only so good because of you.

Thank you all for joining me on this excellent journey. I have a feeling we are still at the beginning and I'm delighted to have you all along for the ride.


  1. And thank _you_ for sharing a little bit of the year with me.

    1. An absolute honour and pleasure. Looking forward to 2015...