Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tying her to perfection

Using various images and tutorials from that there internet I learned how to tie a pearl harness. I have been developing a growing interest in rope. It really is an art and a beautiful thing to see.

Much like the intricate frame on a work of art, rope can merely be something that enhances the beauty of the human form. It can also be the main focus, with myriad knots and spiderwebs of cord spun in delightful patterns.

The pearl harness is fairly simple. It wraps around several times above and below the breasts and then between. I was with a gorgeous sub and realised I had plenty of rope once the harness had been tied. I ran it between her legs, around then down again, adding knots in strategic places and tying her hands behind her back too.

I was pleased with my work, loved how the rope felt and how it controlled the girl so perfectly. She also very much enjoyed it. Time to clean, dry and get it ready for next time.

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