Monday, 27 July 2015

Naked men - yuck or yum?

I recently read an article which states that women do not find naked men arousing (Male nudity does not cause female sexual arousal). This statement is both interesting and depressing at the same time. I also find it extremely presumptive and a little hard to believe.

One of the conclusions is that women do not use images of naked men to get into a state of arousal and that it is only men who use nudity as a sexual turn-on. Being male I have no qualification for knowing precisely what females think when seeing a man naked. At the same time, I have been in the presence of women who became aroused by my nudity. Am I to assume they were all doing this for show? G does a very good job of sounding convincing when she asks me to strip for her.

Clearly I was wrong. Clearly I should stop taking pictures of myself as there, apparently, is no interest out there (apart from those nudity-loving men). Or maybe it is articles like this that get in the way of empowering women. Perhaps, instead, we should be celebrating articles and blogs that celebrate the female gaze rather than denying it exists.

Whilst celebrating, we should also note that this gaze may differ from the male gaze - close ups of cocks are not likely to be welcome (see this post from the ever-excellent Girl on the Net). Following the recent Magic Mike XXL film numerous articles were written about the rise of the female gaze and how this gaze took in the whole body, not just a focus on cocks.

With this evidence and much, much more, I'm not buying into the premise that the male body is not sexually arousing. So...take it off or leave it on?


  1. naked men are good! who would try to make anyone believe that women do not appreciate male nudity?!

  2. I love looking at nude men, when my husband strips for me he is very aware of how excited I get viewing his body

    1. Very glad to hear it. Being able to excite others with your body is a wonderful and empowering feeling.