Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Impact play

When I play with a sub there always comes a point where a bare butt is presented to me, ready for a spanking. Or flogging. Or cropping.

Until I get to properly know a sub I approach with caution; gentle spanks at first and then, depending on the response, harder and harder. Spanking requires not just a little care. For example, hit too high and you risk causing kidney damage. Some subs can take one hell of a spanking and, in these situations, it is my throbbing hand rather than their rosy red bum that gives in first (not that I'd ever tell them that).

I had my first go with a crop a couple of months ago. It made a very satisfying swooping and slapping sound. It marked easily. Marking is something else I clear with subs before we start; is it OK and, if so, where?

The flogger is a versatile piece of equipment. It can deliver a stinging blow or can be gently whipped against the skin. Drag it over the back and butt for a sensual experience, the fronds falling between the legs to tease the pussy.

It isn't just the rear that gets attention. Bent over a bed, legs spread, allows the flogger to be whipped against the pussy. An unpopular move I usually only use for punishment. Stood up, arms above head, a sub's breasts also make for a good (and enjoyable for them) target.

Many objects can be used for impact play, within reason. For example; I discovered that the soft leather handle at the end of a leash makes for the perfect little pussy whip when she's on her back, legs akimbo.

"OK?" Is a question I ask fairly often. Sharp intakes of breath can mean pleasure, pain or both and so I always like to check and give the sub an opportunity to take a break. I have my own limits. As soon as I see blood rising to the surface I move on. I don't do extreme.

Most important of all? Regular caresses both during and after impact play. Caring for my subs is paramount.


  1. An interesting point of view. I never ask if sub is OK or so. Much more useful is safe word or gesture that he/she can always can give.

    1. I agree - safe words or gestures are always very sensible. I tend to only ask if OK if I haven't played with the sub much before. Once I know then a bit better I can more effectively read the signs.