Monday, 17 August 2015

Male brothels

If you have not yet seen Magic Mike XXL and are worried about spoilers ruining the deep and complex storyline then I would advise you to not read on.

I took G to see this film partly as I wanted to treat her, partly because I was curious about the revolutionary acknowledgement of the female gaze. Yes, it was, overall, a pretty terrible film. But there were some interesting moments, one of which was the scene in the "exotic entertainment palace" (where the men meet their MC and take a look around her male strip club).

Unlike the usual bawdy strip club, this club was more interactive and didn't just rely on male nudity to show the ladies a good time. Could such a place actually be as popular?

G claimed it wouldn't work. She doesn't think women are as into paying for sex as men and that a deeper connection needs to be had for it to be more enjoyable. But the club in the film operated on a membership model. The clientele kept coming back and so must have formed some sort of relationship with the men who worked there.

It was during this scene that the group of girls next to me fell silent. They had been yabbering the whole time, but this particular scenario seemed to have captured their attention. And then it struck me; in a club such as this it doesn't all have to be about sex. 

Being worshipped, genuinely. Being able to watch attractive men and not feel sordid. Being made to feel special. But, in a male brothel, would women be embarrassed about selecting men in front of other women? Maybe, but then no such inhibitions are displayed when objectifying men so publicly in male strip clubs.

Some may say "why pay for sex when I can get it for free?" Well, you get what you pay (or don't pay) for. Here are a bevy of sexy, attentive and genuinely lovely men. Chances are the sex would be mindblowing. Guilt-free, respectable, paid-for sex and male entertainment; why hasn't this happened yet?

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