Thursday, 29 October 2015

Studying nudity

I, like many others, sometimes find it hard to look in the mirror. The reflection doesn't always satisfy. Sometimes, however, I'm fascinated. The lines of muscles that have developed from years of swimming and cycling are no less of a marvel as a healing wound or the recovery process following a bad cold (or the small bulge that develops if I neglect my swimming and cycling for too long).

It is this fascination, or curiosity, or deep admiration of the human body that forms a small part of my enjoyment of playing with others (there are many parts that I enjoy). Fondling here, caressing there, stroking right there can elicit powerful physical responses. Hardened nipples, arched back and so much wetness.

Great pleasure can be found in observing, eyes travelling over contours on a journey as exciting as any I've ever taken. Looking at myself in the mirror is interesting, but having someone else to study, someone entirely naked for my viewing pleasure, is so much more satisfying.

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