Friday, 1 January 2016

Blogiversary #4

This blog was begun 4 years ago after my wife and I read an article about sex parties and realised they were more common than I had previously thought. The original intention of the blog was to explore these sex parties with my wife (who I refer to as 'G'). Since then she decided that she wanted me to explore on my own.

2015 has been a year of discovery and realisations. I've realised that sex parties, such as Killing Kittens, are likely to be full of vain people who are more interested in preening and attracting attention rather than exploring each others' bodies. I've realised that a blog written by a married man in an open relationship and into D/s BDSM is not a particularly popular subject (not surprising as it is very niche and many must find it hard to relate).

I've discovered sex clubs and that some can be incredible and some can be pure sleaze. I've explored the bodies and minds of several incredible subs and, in so doing, have further discovered my own body and mind. I've discovered that socialising with kinky people can be most enjoyable even when clothes remain on.

I hope that 2016 will bring more of the same. I'm most of the way through my second erotica book and once that's done will focus more on writing about my explorations as well as going back to writing more short stories.

I've had only positive comments on and about my blog in the past year. Even though there may not be many of you, I'm very grateful for your lovely words and company here. Here's to another year of honesty, sex positivity and adventure.


  1. I think your writing is fantastic and doesn't box itself into a small audience, though you may be more expert on that than I

    1. Thank you. And thank you for all your lovely comments throughout the year.

      O x

  2. I love your blog, and will continue to read it as you venture forth throughout 2016 and beyond.

    It's also been too long since I last saw you. We should rectify that.

    1. Thank you my friend, your company is always greatly appreciated. And yes, it has been too long and we most definitely should rectify that.

  3. Happy anniversary for your success over the past 4 years.

    Here is a toast to another great year and many more to come


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