Saturday, 9 January 2016

Show me how you masturbate

"Show me how you masturbate" is an instruction which I have, on occasion, given to others. Everyone seems to have their favourite method, here's mine:

Gripping at the base is certainly stimulating, but it is a very slow method of bringing on any excitement and I've never orgasmed in this way.

I may employ the double-handed method if putting on a performance, letting my hand wander from cock to balls, but it's definitely more for show than for instant pleasure.

Being uncircumcised I find it uncomfortable, even painful at times, if the foreskin is pulled back from the head too far.

After years of rigorous and vigorous practice, this is what I've found works for me. A firm grip with forefinger and thumb just below the base of the head with fast rhythmic movements. Letting the hardness dissipate every now and then enhances the experience. Here's a side view:

Here's to many more years of practice, with some occasional assistance. I do hope you've been taking notes.