Thursday, 10 March 2016

Paying for sex

I ran a couple of polls on this blog and on Twitter. Here's the results:

I would, in theory, pay for sex with a man:
Yes 31%
No 52%
Maybe 17%
(Survey size: 29)

I would, in theory, pay for sex with a woman:
Yes 48%
No 32%
Maybe 20%
(Survey size: 25)

Although the survey size is very small and those surveyed may not have been a wide cross-section of society, it nonetheless gave me the excuse to ponder the differing attitudes towards paying men and paying women for sex. If I had a larger audience I would have been able to ask supplemental questions in order to understand differences in age, gender or sexual orientation.

Many would argue that women are less likely to need to pay for sex as they may find it easier to find a willing partner. Some would counter-argue that, whilst this may be true, sex with a stranger brings with it risks and the very real possibility that it may be wholly disappointing.

The advantages of paying a man for sex are numerous; you get to choose one you like the look of. You get to tell him what you want. You can see him as often or as little as you like. You can tell him what to wear. And you can do all this without feeling guilty. So why isn't paying men for sex more popular?

Could it be that women are more often viewed as commodities? Possibly, but I would be hugely surprised if that were the case for the group who were surveyed. The percentage of sex workers who identify as male could be, depending on what research you believe, up to 42% and attitudes about paying for a man for sex may well differ between men and women.

In conclusion; I'm finding it hard to reach a conclusion. It appears to me that women are growing ever-more confident about their sexuality and that, perhaps, one day this will mean that (as a group) they feel as comfortable paying men for sex as men (as a group) feel paying women for sex. I like to think of it as being one of many milestones along the path to true equality for women.

This will possibly be my last ever blog post. There is a chance I will be back, but in case I'm not then thank you for your kind comments and companionship over these past several years.

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  1. I suppose that women are still in the position of being the 'desired' one, so they are less likely to even think about paying. I;m not sure if women fell that if they pay a man for it, that they will get an outstanding experience.

    (Waving your farewell in case you do not return.)