Saturday, 6 January 2018

Four become three

Out of four dates lined up, three actually went ahead. Yes, only one flaked. Unheard of. There was a 20 year age range and so I was expecting three very different evenings. In this regard I was not disappointed.

I had least in common with the first and youngest, but my evening with her was the most enjoyable. She was energetic, positive and curious. Initially concerned that she was so much younger than I, I was pleased to learn how independent and driven she was. She also wasn't afraid about saying how much she liked sex and what she wanted to try.

Date two started in a noisy pub. Why do people feel the need to shout to each other in London? Fuck I sound old. Anyway, date two was wealthy and similar in age to me. She was easily amused and liked to travel (a big tick for me). However, her face scrunched up when I mentioned how I'm into kink. READ MY PROFILE!

Onto date three. It didn't start well as I refused to cross a picket line outside the place she'd chosen to meet. It didn't get much better. I forced myself to politely smile and nod as one rant followed another. At last, after all the negativity, we got onto the subject of kink. She was several years older than I but was only just discovering this side of her. Good for her, but I'd only play with someone that I got on well with outside of the bedroom/dungeon.

- Date one: would meet again, would be happy with friendship
- Date two: will have to gently explain that kink is important to me
- Date three: her ranty kink is not my kink and that's OK, have already declined another date

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