Thursday, 15 February 2018

First date is next Tuesday

"Are you comfortable with me saying 'good girl'?"

Trying to meet others who want an open relationship and who are into D/s isn't easy at all. Firstly; because such people are a rarity, secondly; because until you get to know them you don't fully know their intentions and, thirdly; they need to know that you're a safe, honourable person.

The brief conversation at the top of this post came about after a couple of months of getting to know one another a little better online. This isn't something I'd ask to someone I've just met. I had talked about my relationship, she had made it increasingly obvious that she was interested in kink.

It's always a happy moment when you realise that the person you've been getting to know is really into you, would like to meet you with a view to eventually submitting. First date is next Tuesday.

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