Sunday, 11 February 2018

Melbourne CFNM

Several years ago and a little bit more I was not the dominant sex blogger you see (in writing) before you today. I was considerably more submissive and exploring CFNM*. I was also in Melbourne. In these ancient times there was Yahoo Groups, where you could find like-minded people for whatever you were into; travel, knitting, your favourite band etc.

I came across one for CFNM aficionados based in Melbourne. The group organiser suggested we meet. I was younger and less cautious in those days. Without getting to know her better I jumped in her car and we headed to the nearest nudist beach.

Beneath the warm Australian sun we started stripping. She stopped at her swimsuit I, as instructed, kept going. Watching the waves swish onto the sand we chatted about what we both enjoy about this particular kink. We had differing opinions but discovered that we both liked the simplicity of it, plus the empowerment of the female gaze.

She asked me to go into the water then took some photos (again; I was young and naive) then we got dressed and arranged to meet again. A few weeks later I found myself in her house, stripping to Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy. Yes, ridiculous, but fun despite the music. However, this was her request and so I obliged.

I obliged her requests to pose naked as she took more photos (yep) then she lay a towel on the floor and asked me to lie on it, legs up. We'd discussed anal play and she was keen to help me find that sweet spot. She lubed, she toyed, she failed. Her attentions focused elsewhere until she was done with me.

As I cleaned up we talked about meeting again. She gave me a memory card of the photos she'd taken and kept a few for herself. We never met again and, apart from with G, I've never again experienced CFNM. I do wonder what she did with those photos though...

*Clothed Female Naked Male

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