Monday, 26 March 2018

Fasten your treatbelts

The Virgin flight to Bangkok scudded across the sky, airport codes flashing on the pilots screen as they passed beneath. PIS, SEX, PEE, COK, they all reminded Leanne of the watersports she enjoyed with her ex-husband. He loved that rowboat.

Her memories of his big oar sticking out from his rollocks were interrupted by the chief air steward, Finn, making a passenger announcement in his dreamy masculine tone. Leanne glanced at the uneaten food by her side. Limp salad, dry potatoes, semi-moist treat stick. A typical airline meal. 

The second crew bustled into the cockpit to relieve Leanne and her co-pilot from duty. She retired to her rest compartment. Standing there waiting for her was the dashing Finn. 

"Finn, have you finished for the night?" 
"No, Leanne. I've only just begun."

He flung himself towards her at Mach phwoar, quickly offloading his clothes. She took control of his joystick as he lay on the bed, then prepared to lower flaps. Perfect landing. Her nipples pinged outwards as if they were signposts pointing towards her desire. "MAN. MAN." they seemed to say. 

His baggage safely stowed, she began to experience severe turbulence. In her vagina. Finn pawed at her bulbous breasts, before burying his bounty betwixt her bucking buttocks.

"Mmm, I love seating you in my rear cabin," she radioed to his ear traffic control.
"Your...nnnghgh...your buckle is tight', he announced over his tannoy.

The slapping of body against body sounded as though a pizza chef was repeatedly slamming his dough on the counter. There was a need for urgency; it wouldn't be long until someone would pass by the compartment.

Leanne stood and slipped a condom over Finn's veiny tower of fleshy rock-hard protruding fully moist heat stick. She demonstrated how to blow his whistle, then, just as the airbridge kisses the door of an aircraft, so her mouth met his, disgorging her hot and hurried passenger into Finn's oral tunnel.

She pulled him to his feet then replaced him by kneeling on the bed, her two holes presented like a screaming cyclops. This time, instead of aiming for the puckered eye, he opted to book a return ticket into her womanly landing strip.

"Ohhh yes, push that gold club member deep inside," gabbled Leanne.
"Must. Remain. In. An. Upright. Position." came his thrusting replies.
"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me like Brexit is fucking up the overseas travel market by putting open skies agreements at risk, devaluing Sterling and blocking freedom of movement!" 

They simultaneously checked in for destination orgasm. Leanne shaking like a shit-scared first-time flier, Finn jettisoning his fuel onto her slippery escape chute. He withdrew from her luggage rack - carefully in case contents spilled out - then made an emergency exit before his penis began its descent.

Leanne let her breathing return to normal before checking her fuselage. She loved it when Finn gave her a layover, but he always left such a vast quantity of his steaming, viscous, passion pudding after final approach.


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